Welcome to E3 Nutrition

E3 Nutrition provides individualized solutions to fuel results. Founded by competitive triathlete Lisa Powell, E3 Nutrition is a comprehensive high performance nutrition consulting firm serving every level of athlete. E3 propels everyday, endurance, and team athletes to achieve their personal best.

By creating highly individualized nutrition plans and supporting clients every step of the way, E3 Nutrition helps every client overcome obstacles and achieve personal goals, whether it’s beating a best triathlon time, gaining lean muscle mass, improving body composition, or zipping skinny jeans. Powell, a certified nutritionist, also educates sports teams on optimal nutrition for day life, competition, recovery, and off season.

For Athletes and for Everyone
Every athlete knows flexibility is a core component to strength and endurance. That’s why E3 Nutrition
approaches every new client with an open, flexible attitude. Rather than prescribing an identical food plan for
every single person, Powell listens to every client’s individual goals, needs, and obstacles to tailor a customized game plan that will get clients excited and keep them motivated as they maintain positive forward motion on the road to achievement.

Tailored Game Plans

E3 Nutrition founder Lisa Powell is a licensed nutritionist with decades of personal and professional experience in the athletic and nutritional worlds. After discovering the way positive nutrition drastically affected her
performance in triathlons, Powell earned her Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University to better understand the complex link between food and life. Powell has dedicated her career to helping others improve their lives through optimized nutrition.

Nutrition as a Solution

Food is fuel, and good nutrition is the heart of what makes our bodies run and operate well.

E3 Nutrition can help clients who:

  • Are not performing at peak
  • Want to improve body composition through weight loss, fat loss, or weight gain
  • Lack daily or training energy
  • Lose energy during races
  • Deal with gastrointestinal issues
  • Need guidance for meeting daily nutritional needs
  • Are curious about nutrition for seasonal training
  • Need fuel for competition
  • Want to hydrate more effectively